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Various Artists - 40,000 Leagues Under The Scene (CD)

Various Artists - 40,000 Leagues Under The Scene (CD)


Brand new compialtion from Scylla Records featuring OUT of SIGHT, Just Surrender, Sincerely Monroe, Proceed, Apathy, Hey Falcone, Weaver At The Loom, Deaf Havana and many more.

Limited to 979 hand numbered copies.

1) Treading Water – Proceed 
2) Medicate Myself – Just Surrender 
3) Fan The Flames – Luke Leighfield 
4) Buck Up, They’re Coming – Weaver At The Loom
5) In The Arms Of Failure – April Dead 
6) Tank Destroyer – Hesters Way 
7) Nightlife – Hey Falcone 
8) You’ve Got Guts (Shame We’ve Gotta Clean Them Up) - Paige 
9) Oh Howard You Crack Me Up – Deaf Havana 
10) Crisis Of Confidence – Something For Someone
11) One Day Son, You’ll Be A Star – Lost On Campus 
12) Sound The Alarm – Isaywestealthistv! 
13) A Final Goodbye – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 
14) Murder On The Dance Floor (Part 1) – Sincerely Monroe 
15) Abandon – The Cedar Falls 
16) Within Our Heart – Twentyfour Hour Affair 
17) Cigarettes And Jam – Apathy 
18) Race Against Pulsing Egos (Acoustic) – OUT of SIGHT 
All of this plus a secret track! Just as a clue – think ex Fleeing From Finales member!


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