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Luke Rainsford - I'm Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be (Cassette)

Luke Rainsford - I'm Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be (Cassette)

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PLEASE NOTE - this product is on pre-order. Orders will be shipped on or just before the release date of February 17th. The images of this release are only for artistic purposes and may differ slightly from the final product. 

The incredible, fragile and attention grabbing debut album from Luke Rainsford sees it's first ever physical release in the form of a limited edition cassette. Featuring fan favourites A Song About Alcohol, Coffee and Never Could, this is the album that made Luke someone we had to sign! With a hand written track listing design inside the cassette. All orders receive a free digital download of the album. 

FFO: The Front Bottoms, Dashboard Confessional, The Early November

1) Father's Day
2) I Had A Panic Attack Today
3) A Song About Alcohol
4) A Note To My Teenage Self
5) I Am Melodramatic (A Song About Death)
6) Lucid Dreams (ft. Maddy Chaney)
7) Coffee
8) A Song About A Girl
9) I Am Pathetic
10) I Loved You More Than I Hate Myself
11) Streetlights
12) Never Could (ft. Crater Face)
13) A Song About Space
14) Ankle Socks

First Pressing (Cassette)
White (/50)


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